Timbric Etudes on Construction(s)
"Timbric Etudes on Construction(s)" is a concerto for vibraphone, drumset and electronics. It was inspired by a study carried out by two Italian musicians, Aldo Chiarulli (vibraphone) and Silvio Annese (drums), on the score of "Construction(s)", a solo piece for vibraphone written by composer Boguslaw Schäffer in 1962. The concert represents the final product of collective research about the deconstruction of conventional narrative-musical aesthetics through reflection on gestures, timbre, form, and textures.
We were asked to direct a promotional video for their live session in which they perform some of the fragments from the concerto. The idea was to "construct" the performance using fragmented photography as building blocks.  
I also designed a presentation booklet to accompany the video as part of their media kit. 
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